Gap Series

Gap Series

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  • Gap 4-Person Workstation
  • Gap Double Workstation
  • Gap Single Workstation
  • Gap Table Leg

GAP Workstation

Gap Workstation Series can are suitable for every office & education space design. With screw-in height adjustable mechanism, Gap Workstation can offer comfortable working environment and improve the work efficiency! Gap Features multiple configuration including Single, Double, 4-Person and 90 degree table set up.

Product Features

Excellent Stability

We understand stability is the key component for work environment, GAP can provide an excellent stability for work surface!

Screw-In Height Adjustable

Want different heights? Don't worry, Gap features screw-in height adjustable mechanism so you can adjust to any height you want!

Adjustable Beam

Our Adjustable Beam can suit any table sizes!

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